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Helping Janice from the ground up.

Meet Janice Miller. Janice was diagnosed with hormone positive breast cancer in 2016 and is currently on oral chemotherapy.

On March 4th, tragedy struck when her apartment caught on fire. She was living in a 3rd floor apartment of the Briargate Apartment Complex when a fire broke out. The fire destroyed everything she owned, leaving her homeless and without any belongings, not even a bra.

On top of that, she is getting tested next week to determine if a mass found in her stomach is a recurrence of her cancer. Needless to say, Janice is struggling, having to live with a friend until she can find a new home and doing what she can to rebuild her life.

We at In The Middle need your help to get Janice back on her feet. Today we provided her with gift cards so she can purchase some basic necessities like bras, shoes, t-shirts, and underwear. But she needs more than that, so please go to and donate to our Disaster Relief Fund. Put "Janice Miller" in the comment section, and 100% of your donation will go to helping Janice.

She is also looking for an affordable 1 - 2 bedroom apartment, as she is on a fixed income. If you have any housing contacts, please leave the information below or send us a message so we can connect you with Janice. She is a very humble and grateful woman and is so appreciative of any help she receives, so let's do what we can to get her what she needs!!!

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