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Polar Bear Ride

I have been trying to find the words to describe the Polka Dot Queen Polar Bear Ride we had Saturday. The words I can think of is WOW the amount of love and support shown seriously blew me away!

We had riders from multiple riding groups. Some of the group names were the Chapin American Legion Riders, Patriot Guard Riders, Sons of Smoke from Vidalia GA, Fire and Iron Riders from multiple cities of SC, Back Road Riders and I even had coworkers that came out from Nucor and Devro! It was absolutely amazing we had 100 plus riders there it was a packed house.

I just wanted to take everything in! I was able to make it through the whole event and make it to every Poker stop except one because that "google girl" didn't take us to the right place. I was unable to ride a motorcycle but thankfully my friend Terri got off her motorcycle and drove me in a convertible so we could freeze right along with everyone else. Don’t worry, I was plenty warm with multiple layers, seat warmers and a blanket! We were definitely freezing for a reason!!!

On top of such an amazing turnout we had a long list of sponsors that help support our event! We had businesses that gave us raffle items, gift cards and motorcycle gear! The Fire and Iron group ran the playing cards at each stop for us which was a HUGE help! My bestie Noelle Pruitt Logue and her husband Todd Logue with our friends Tony and Liz Jumpp have been planning this event since September! I am not sure who else help planned the event but I just can't express my appreciation enough for such a PERFECT day!!!

I definitely don't want anyone to feel left out I hope I have mentioned everyone that I should! I have never felt so much love and support in one day! I always say that it takes an army to kick cancer’s ass and I have one hell of an army behind me!!!

I wish I had gotten more pictures but as I said I was too busy trying to soak it all in and enjoy the experience and my first ever poker run!! To hear all the motorcycles just made me SMILE!!!! The best part is there were polka dots everywhere! It was a wonderful day and I had a blast!!!

Keep abreast with the latest from Laurin Long through her facebook page: Polka.Dot.Queen!

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