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Living and thriving while surviving cancer

Last June I thought that my life couldn’t get better. I had just landed a dream job and the love of my life had just proposed to me. On top of all that, I felt like I finally had my health back and was starting to do the things I loved again like running, racing and competing in triathlons.

Last August I got hit with a sledgehammer in the stomach...not a literal sledgehammer bu it might as well have been one... when the doctor told me not only was my cancer back but it was also stage 4. Mike and I had been planning a wedding since June. We had already booked a venue, photographer and countless other vendors for our March 24, 2018 date.

Last September I was contacted by In The Middle to be one of their Dreams 4 Metas recipients and my dream was to have my dream wedding with the love of my life! Mike and I knew no matter what we were going to get married on our three year anniversary, March 24th. As we found out more and more about my diagnosis, we got scared as the scans didn't look good and the news from the doctors sounded worse. They urged us to move up our wedding date. As Mike and I were planning our wedding making a list of all the things it would take to have our dream wedding, the health news grew dimmer. In December, we were again urged to move up our wedding date . Through good, bad and ugly news, we decided that we would not be moving up our wedding date. Cancer had taken enough, but it wasn't about to take away our dream. The doctors decided that doing a clinical trial was a must.

In January as I was going through the process to get on the clinical trial, I had to turn over all wedding plans to April with In The Middle and Stephanie,a very good friend who offered to help plan our wedding. These ladies went above and beyond the call of duty. Not only did In The Middle help us raise funds for our dream wedding but April and Stephanie took over the planning and coordination of vendors for the big day. They got things donated, found volunteers to help with set up, decorating, and clean up, and made sure we had everything we wanted for our big day . Mike and I truly did not have to worry about any aspect of our wedding. Every penny they raised for our dream wedding went to our dream wedding.

Once I handed over the wedding planning, I was able to completely focus on my health and the clinical trial. I started my clinical trial February 5, 2018 and we were married March 24, 2018. The wedding weekend began with a rehearsal dinner on March 23, 2018 at the JCC in Columbia with our closest friends and family that In The Middle also helped us not only plan but also pay for and decorate. Our wedding day was THE BEST DAY EVER!!! Mike and I had our dream wedding. We were able to be married at the Tree of Life synagogue in Columbia, SC with over 200 guests in attendance followed by the most fun celebration reception at the Rockbridge Club in Columbia, SC. Everything was decorated exactly how I wanted it. All the vendors I had booked along with some additions were there! We had a photo booth which was a surprise to me but I loved it. The food was amazing with a mashed potato bar, a charcuterie board, veggie and fruit options and delicious dips. We had the beer, wine and a special liquor drink. There was Pelican snowballs which was a huge hit with our guests! The wedding cake was not only the most gorgeous wedding cake I have ever seen but also tasted absolutely delicious! The DJ kept the party going all night long with a variety of music and dances. Our photographer was able to capture the whole day with every detail from getting ready, a first look until we left the reception. All Mike and I wanted at the end of the day was to be husband and wife, dance the night away and have a weekend of celebration. Seeing everything come together was a dream come true and we can’t thank In The Middle enough for all they did for making sure our dream wedding was PERFECT!

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