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I am Marie Pitt. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend among many other titles. But one of my most recent titles is SURVIVOR.

I am a 3 year survivor of stage IV, triple positive, invasive ductile carcinoma. I was stage IV from initial diagnosis in October 2014 at the age of 46 with metastases to my bones along with 3 spots on my liver. I have had two recurrences of the breast tumor meaning the tumor went away with treatment only to return 2 other times. Once in February 2016, and again in November 2016. We have not been able to get the tumor to go away this last time, and the presence of breast cancer in my bones will always be there. I will always be on some form of treatment.

My cancer journey has been very trying at times, but has also been a huge blessing. I have met so many amazing women on this journey. Many are still with me here on earth, and some have changed their residence ahead of me to heaven. I would not change this journey for anything. God has taught me many lessons, grown me spiritually by leaps and bounds, and blessed me in ways I could not imagine. I enjoy meeting new cancer patients each time I am in the infusion center for my chemo treatments. I love their reaction when they find out that I am stage IV. It is a wonderful feeling to give others hope in the midst of their journey. I answer their questions with truth and honesty, and try to offer them love and support during this scary time in their lives.

I want my life to continue to have meaning up to the very last moment. I plan to live life to its fullest every single chance I get. I have never had the opportunity to travel. I would love the chance to see more of this beautiful world, and its people God created while I am still living in it. I was blessed to meet a beautiful friend at the beginning of my cancer journey that is from Portugal, and has recently returned there. We just got along so well from the start like sisters (twins even!), and I would love the chance to visit her. She has offered a free place to stay, so all I need is travel expenses. This opportunity would be a dream come true!

UPDATE: And the dates are on... Marie and her Mom will leave to Europe October 27th.


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